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Discover How Poor Mobility is Destroying Your Joints and What To Do About It

Why is mobility so important for training?

If you're not mobile enough at your ankles, hips, thoracic spine and shoulders then you will never have the ability to move/lift correctly.  

Perfect snatches, pull-ups, pistols, overhead squats and muscle-ups (etc) will simply not be possible as having good technique requires full range of motion and therefore any "stiff" or "tight" athlete will never be able to lift 100% correctly.  

Without good technique mechanically you're not going to be lifting with optimum leverage which means you won't be able to lift as heavy.  Your PR lifts will never be as good as they could be if you aren't lifting with good technique.


You'll likely eventually get injured when lifting with poor technique cause your joints are taking on way way more stress than they would otherwise would be taking on if you were doing the movement with good technique.  

Summary:  poor mobility means smaller PRs and more likely to get injured... you don't want that!!  More mobility is the answer.

What’s in this course?

Here's everything you need to know:

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10 Important Things You Will Learn

  1. Which joints need more mobility. Which joints you should not stretch. How stretching some joints will make you more likely to get injured.
  1. How to find your limitations. Why finding your problem areas is critical to your performance in the gym. Plus a step by step self assessment video guide.
  1. How posture affects mobility. The best posture to avoid bad mobility. Why your desk job is killing your shoulders and how a few small changes at work can keep you from a life of shoulder pain.
  1. Why stretching alone isn't enough. What to do to make your stretching 2x more effective. One small change you can make to how you perform stretches to make them more effective, especially if you've been doing a certain stretch consistently with no results.
  1. Why your restrictions lead to injury. How your compensating due to tight joints. Why your tight ankles, hips, and shoulders are almost guaranteed to get you injured.
  1. How to decrease joint "stickiness". How to improve range of motion with self massage. You'll learn the best and cheapest tools for self massage as well as how to use them.
  1. The best time to stretch. Should you be stretching before or after training? Both? Why it depends on the goal of that day's training session 
  1. How to spot mobility restrictions. Learn to spot them by just watching your friends or video of yourself.
  1. The best ways to adjust your lifts. How to make them less likely to cause you pain. How to altar squats, deadlifts, cleans, and snatches while you spend time fixing your poor hip, ankle, or shoulder mobility.
  1. The top 7 mobility drills for weightlifting. How to mobilize for snatches, cleans, and jerks.

Why your poor mobility is more likely to blame for missed lifts than bad technique. Here are some more examples of things you'll learn:

  1. How your posture is making your mobility worse every minute of the day!
  1. What exactly is the best posture so you don’t lose all the mobility you gain from this program 
  1. How stretching alone isn’t enough to keep you healthy and what you can to make the stretching you’re already doing be twice as effective
  1. Exactly how you’re compensating as a result of having tight ankles, hips or shoulders and how each restriction is almost guaranteed to get you injured 
  1. How improving your mobility makes learning new movements so much easier 
  1. How “self massage” can decrease the “stickiness” between your muscles and other connective tissues which makes it easier to improve your range of motion
  1. Why your desk job is killing your shoulders and how a few small changes at work can keep you from a life of shoulder pain
  1. Exactly which joints need more range of motion and exactly which joints you SHOULD NOT stretch or you’ll make yourself MORE LIKELY to get injured
  1. One amazing small change you can make to how you perform your stretches to make them more effective, especially if you’ve been doing a certain stretch very consistently, with no results 
  1. The pros and cons of stretching before or after training. (HINT: The best time to stretch depends on the goal of that day's training session) 
  1. The differences better static stretching, PNF stretching, and reciprocal inhibition. Which one is best? Depends on the situation!
  1. Manual therapy or massage therapy is expensive! You’ll learn the best and the cheapest tools for self massage as well as how to use them
  1. How to spot mobility restrictions in yourself and your friends by simply watching how they move during training
  1. Common ways poor mobility screws up your exercise technique and how to fix it
  1. How poor ankle mobility can cause knee problems and even back pain as well as exactly how to test to see if that’s the real problem
  1. How being a former long time distance runner has likely lead to some serious mobility issues that are going to kill your joints when you do full depth squats, deadlifts and snatches
  1. What are the best ways to scale or alter squats, deadlifts, cleans and snatches to make them less likely to cause you joint pain while you spend a few weeks fixing your poor hip, ankle or shoulder mobility 
  1. Which exercise do we call “The World’s Greatest Stretch”?
  1. What exactly “Squat Therapy” is, how to do it and how it is one of the best ways in the world to train yourself to do rock solid full depth front, back and overhead squats
  1. When, in some cases, more mobility can be a bad thing!
  1. How PNF stretching can be more effective than the stretching you’re doing right now
  1. If stretching really improves muscle recovery
  1. My TOP 8 Mobility Resources, some of which are for FREE

"Really helped with my overhead squats and snatch consistency. I've PR'd my snatch and pretty much every snatch WOD I've tested since!"

  -Matt H. 

I was able to "get by" with most CrossFit movements and Olympic lifts. However, I had poor enough flexibility that I would have to compensate with some movements. Those compensations would injure other parts of my body. Now I am more efficient with my "stretching" time. I do specific movements during the day, and not just right before it's time to work out, to help with my hip and shoulder flexibility. I now can finally press a bar overhead without hyperextending my back! My jerk has improved and I am able to throw up more weight because I am not arching nearly as much with my back anymore... compensating for poor shoulder mobility. I noticed those improvements in my shoulder mobility within the first couple of weeks! I think the key is to not stop when you start making progress! The ability to understand how my body moves and how inefficient mobility in one part of my body can affect the other parts of my body is something you will gain from watching this product. Do not underestimate the importance of mobility and stability!

  -Shereen M.

Watch this entire program ONLINE RIGHT NOW and you’ll receive:

  • Over 4 hours of digitally recorded material that you can watch immediately online; each individual video segment is broken up into 10-20 min easy to watch clips so you don’t have to watch all 4 hours in a single session or waste time figuring out where you left off last time
  • An easy to download, printable copy of the seminar slides
  • A mobility log sheet so you can test for your specific limitations and compare your mobility to the athletic standard (ie., “I only have 70 degrees of shoulder external rotation.  The sheet says I’m supposed to have at least 90 degrees or I’ll get shoulder or elbow pain in the future...Ok looks like I need to do these 2 stretches to fix the problem and keep myself from getting hurt, losing strength and getting fat”)  
  • BONUS #1:  A digital copy of the The Faction 15 Mobility Poster ($19 value)
  • BONUS #2:  A digital copy of the Self Massage Techniques Poster ($19 value)

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