• Movement Specific Mobility for Snatching

Movement Specific Mobility for Snatching


Essential mobilizations you need to do before you train the Snatch.


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Why is mobility so important for snatching?

If you're not mobile enough at your ankles, hips, thoracic spine and shoulders then you will never have the ability to snatch correctly.  Good technique for "stiff" or "tight" athletes will never happen.  

Without good technique mechanically you're not going to be lifting with optimum leverage which means you won't be able to lift as heavy.  Your PR lifts will never be as good as they could be if you aren't lifting with good technique.  


You'll likely eventually get injured when lifting with poor technique cause your joints are taking on way way more stress than they would otherwise would be taking on if you were doing the movement with good technique.  

Summary:  poor mobility means small PRs and more likely to get injured... you don't want that!!  More mobility is the answer. 


Here’s 4 minute and 16 second sample of the 33 min workshop.

3 easy ankle stretches to help fix your crappy overhead squat position.

In this preview clip, I explain why you need better ankle mobility in order to Snatch with proper technique and will show you 3 easy-to-do ankle mobilizations to help improve your ankle range of motion.

It's just 1 of 6 crucial mobilization areas for the Snatch covered in the full 33 minute video of a workshop I recently hosted in California.

What you get in the full video:

6 Key Mobilization Areas

The workshop will cover 6 key areas to target before snatching: ankles, hips, hamstrings, hip flexors, shoulders and the thoracic spine (overhead).


Over 12 "go-to" stretches

With tons of different stretches out there it can be really confusing on where to start. Here we'll cover only the tried-and-true stretches that are not only easy to do, but don't require a lot of extra equipment to do properly.


The How and the Why

Knowing how and knowing WHY are just as important. Learn how to perform the stretches, why they are important, and how they will affect your snatch technique. Get ready to impress all your gym buddies with them #knowledgebombz


33 min of video content that's yours to keep

Fully downloadable video. Yours to stream or download and play it anywhere from any device. The choice is yours :)


Again, currently running a 50% off sale!

Enter code "snatch50"... checkout (means it's a great deal with the total after discount being only $13.50!!)

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